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Yeah great expectations—- there’s a spare kinda of’love’ that I store away from the possibility of mutilation from the avartar gaining freedom or some exceptional escarpment escapement possibilities—-it’s in the spares and I resonate with what your saying... that it’s in a different compartment—- I ask questions like: how can you call it love; listening to it it sounds and feels like a resonance of love but the acts don’t necessarily say that it’s love: no pain no gain; that it’s resistance is like pain ,but tough love in respect... it’s all hindsight’s, that the no pain-tough love has a gravity affect -once we are aquatinted with it, we can feel rejection because we can’t really accept that these acts are act of love when in fact - accountability : they are because one is gaining freedom—-and able to reincarnate or ect it’s hard when we store our resonance and gave a baseband with the concept: it’s all most do and due: I’ll say ‘ok...if this what it takes to feel it then why should I fear, spilling hot water over me, when all I feel in after affect is the tingles of’ love’—- we find our selfs out of fear but in fear of love (once the ascertain is the gravity affects of love and selflessness are clear and able to determine and see... it’s almost a sense of false love I’m trying to overcome...gravity is definitely needed to ground it...
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