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Originally Posted by SaturninePluto
BlackRaven- I do not feel to not accept certain objects in one's space to be cold-hearted at all, though the individual may think so. Personally I do keep figurines on some of my table-tops but they are one's that I love very much and were gifts from others. One's I resonate with. So as long as you are surrounded with what you love- it is good energy. I see nothing wrong with giving certain objects away, or keeping them put away in a closet for the time. I have figurines put away- I still love them- but their energy is not right for my space at this time. You have a choice in what you have or keep around you, and how you have your space. So as I see it, you are doing nothing wrong, with giving certain items away or keeping them out of sight.

Thanks for those kind and supportive words, SaturninePluto. I suppose I feel guilty when a relative feels they have bought something very special just for me, and it just doesn't speak to me or fit in with my environment. I too do have a few figurines (angels) that my mother, son and daughter-in-law each gave me. They are special and I have them in my kitchen on shelves. I do try to keep such objects though to a limit (just a few) as too many clutter my space.

I didn't tell the relative that gives me too many things that I keep them in a closet or give them away. That would be cold-hearted, but in asking her to not spend her money on me anymore I think I've made my point with her as she's stopped. She did admit during that conversation that she has a compulsive spending problem and that when she sees something that makes her think of me, she can't help herself. Sometimes one just has to come clean with others and speak the truth. It wouldn't be fair to her if I knowingly knew she was wasting money on things that I don't use, while believing she's making me happy with such gifts. I think in asking her not to spend money on me, it essentially let her off the hook of feeling obligated to give gifts to me or attempt to decorate my home. All is solved now and no hard feelings came about from the conversation, at least that's my take on it. Thanks for your input.
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