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I have a mix of Buddhist, Shamanic, and some Christian beliefs and I find feng shui to be a very helpful tool used in my own space.

I have not used it very long only a few years and am getting used to it, but still very much enjoy the feelings of a clear space.

Congrats to you the thread poster on using feng shui as a viable and vital tool and considering it in use with your business. Wishing many blessings to you and that because of this use of feng shui that your business prospers.

Doorways and entrances are very important to keep clear and free so the energy can flow freely and without blockage. So this is a good start to work on clearing the energy in your workspace.

BlackRaven- I do not feel to not accept certain objects in one's space to be cold-hearted at all, though the individual may think so. Personally I do keep figurines on some of my table-tops but they are one's that I love very much and were gifts from others. One's I resonate with. So as long as you are surrounded with what you love- it is good energy. I see nothing wrong with giving certain objects away, or keeping them put away in a closet for the time. I have figurines put away- I still love them- but their energy is not right for my space at this time. You have a choice in what you have or keep around you, and how you have your space. So as I see it, you are doing nothing wrong, with giving certain items away or keeping them out of sight.

Just a few of my own thoughts on feng shui and how it has affected my space for the better.

-Take care.
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