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Originally Posted by GregoryScott
Is that how you felt in the dream, that this had something to do with the coming Earth changes?

Nope, just a lovely experience.many decades ago

Originally Posted by GregoryScott
And when he spoke every word I could feel it entire meaning and how it related to me. The first was LOVE, the second was PATIENTS and the third was FORGIVENESS.

Iíve never considered myself more special than everyone else, Iím just me. I actually hadnít planned on telling anyone about them for fear of ridicule. It was here that I realized Iím not the only crazy one on Earth! :) .

Very well expressed... you're really fortunate to have had such experiences. IMO
Cool thing about SF, is we're all a wee bit nuts , (by mainstream standards) and no one is judged if their experiences seem unique...inexplicable.

I just felt, you writing these things down might give them a reality-clarity that memories don't possess, and possibly lead to a deeper "understanding" over time.

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