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I am not judging Reiki in any way with this post in case it seems this way. I am researching it and I am interested and looking forward to perhaps meet a Reiki master to do what they do? There are so many here,wow! Cool:)
Perhaps some one herein can help me benefit?!
Its just that a close colleague of mine sent me that Christian article,he swares it is a demonic practice in which laughter is my response.
It seems that whenever non-traditional healing methods come along someone has to pee in the punchbowl.

Can Reiki help with my joint and hamstring problems? I teach jiu jitsu and the pain is driving me mad.

I have been accupunctered 5 times ,for only minimal effect.

thx for all of you and your great input. once again, I declare the brightest and most advanced healers reside here at SF.

in light,
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