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LOL. 'Dpm' isn't supposed to be the title. This posted before I could correct a typo. The title is supposed to be, 'Don't Be Overly Concerned About How Others See Energy'

Don’t feel that you’re deficient if you see energy fields in a way that is different than others. Some see colors while others don’t. This could have many reasons for this including the energies of the person seeing them. We really don’t know enough about this to say that seeing colors is more advanced or that seeing them as white or another way is better. It is nice to know how others see energies, but don't feel like you're doing something wrong if you don't see them in exactly the same way.

When I’m looking at tree & cloud energy signatures, often the area of the energy field that is in the sky will show w/ the energy field area color clearing, w/ it being a stronger color of the sky.
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