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Originally Posted by WhiteShaman
But what you implied earlier is that if this enlightened one choses to participate fully in life it is only to help others escape it. That implies that life or an attachment to life (which is a love for life IMO) needs to be transcended so that one can find this other bliss you speak of.........................I've been around a long time and have seen and done many things and that is not what life is about.

I'm not talking about renunciation, negating the world, living in a cave somewhere. I'm talking about living FULLY in the world from a space of transcendence. Sri Vasudeva calls it living in the eye of the hurricane. I have also seen this in action and I have glimpsed tiny pieces of it myself. All enlightened beings who know the space I speak of speak of the same experience. It is our home, our source. When we express the fullness of our being through all our chakras, it impacts on our world in a much greater way and in the experience of our world - everything is brighter, clearer and light is everywhere. (Of course for those who choose the cave, it is there also.)

The reason so many ascended Kundalini images look like sun worship is because the sun is a beautiful metaphor of our source. We are rays of one sun. Just as the sun and rays are one, so too we are one. This is the experience of enlightened consciousness, being in the crown chakra. To live on earth from such a space one has to engage the other chakras as well. The reason we live on earth in ordinary consciousness is work out karma from the first three chakras, the physical ones. The rest can be worked out in other realms.

The fact that we all dream or know what dreaming is, means there are other states of consciousness. Dreaming is mind. Subconscious space is memory, akasha. I'm saying these are also worlds and require some kind of energy form to exist in them.

In the crown space all forms are purified. The amazing thing is that all of us glimpse some tiny bit of this but we may not give attention to it. The identification with the body and mind is so powerful.

Dare to seek it. Ask the universe for a glimpse. You will get a response. There is nothing to be afraid of.
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