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Originally Posted by WhiteShaman
And the human experience becomes SATCHITANANDA - freedom from illusion, mergence in pure consciousness, and bliss
All that keeps the soul connected to the human body at this stage is a desire to help and a love for others still stuck in the chakras below.

If you think about the statement I hilited, you can see that it sends the message that there is no enjoyment in life itself and that the goal of the devotee is to transcend any love for the beauty of life as it is, for what you define as bliss and pure consciousness.
I have found that bliss can be found within life itself and I haven't clue if my chakras are opened, closed or out for repairs.
The message is disturbing IMO and misleading to those who are seekers.


Hi James,
You draw an understandable conclusion. The space of SATCHITANANDA is a space of bliss. Love is an emotion, and an energy emanation. It is possible to exist outside of that energy and just "BE". Ask anyone who understands Zen. The enlightened one is able to jump in and out of the space. That is why in the crown, one has infinite choices and can be detached from the world, or can choose to participate fully in it. In the ordinary human consciousness we are so caught up in the emotions, we do not see them as separate to ourselves. Thanks for bringing this up so I could clarify.

The crown chakra actually exists between the VOID of the egoless state and the experience of having form - any energy form. Attachment brings us back again and again to this world and love is the last attachment, the last umbilical chord to consciousness in a form. But I'm not getting into talking about VOID in this thread - that's all philosophy. Just getting to the crown is hard enough!
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