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Originally Posted by RedLioness11

My NDE happened over 30 years ago and is still vivid in my minds eye.

After a long painful illness, and a body gave in.

I awoke in the dark and felt frightened...looking around I saw a tiny pinprick of light and focused on it. I began to move toward it, faster and faster. The closer I got the more comforted and loved I felt. As the darkness around me lightened, I could "see" myself and realized I was moving feet first toward the light.

Then I was walking through a crowd of people, most I did not know...but as I looked at them I saw the connection. How I was connected to them, in a flash I experienced their memories first person.

I was then shown my life choices through others perceptions of it...again first hand, like I lived it, with all their physical senses. I was comforted and forgiven the hurts I had caused, and the celebration of my selfless giving moments was amazing!

I saw prayer form as energy and shoot a reverse beam of sunlight through a cloud. (closest I have been able to describe it with clumsy human words)

One thing that was emphasized.... was that fear is true evil!! Fear keeps us from trying new things and causes us to back away from our journey.

I was finally given a choice...stay or go back. I wanted to stay...I have never felt such love and acceptance here on earth. But I was shown how my physical death would affect my family. I could not choose to stay while causing them such spiritual pain... In a blink I was back and awake...shocking the medical staff that was wheeling me into a last ditch experimental surgery.

I just skimmed the main points...I felt like I was there for weeks...

I no longer identify with any religion...but have no doubt there is a higher power and an afterlife. I believe we ARE beings of self-aware energy, given a choice on who we wish to be.

What a beautiful account of the afterlife. Did you see a spirit guide or a higher self? Also what did your body look like?

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul".
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