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Originally Posted by OPVerma
MUSLIMS BELIEVE that by committing Jehad they don't incur sin. However Nature does not discriminate religion or status of the person in awarding reward or punishment for his deeds.

During his Khyber invasion, Muhammad killed many Jews. He happened to take dinner hosted by a Jew victim. Being suspicious he asked his Jew host if the food was poisoned (Sahih Bukhari 5:59:713) ? The Jew woman affirmed that it was and told the reason - If Muhammad were indeed a Prophet he would not die otherwise he would. Despite warning, Muhammad and his companion took the poisoned food and consequently met a slow and an agonizing death.

If we analyze this incident the following question arises :

1. Why did Muhammad, who had many slave cooks had to go to a victim place for meals; the answer is Nature forced him to do so.

2. Despite warning Why did he eat the poisoned food ? Because he was forced by the Nature.

3. Why did Allah not be able to save Muhammad ? Because Nature' Bio Laws are all powerful and no one can evade.

4. Why Muhammad met an agonizing death ? Because he committed Jehad violating Nature's Law and he was not a real Prophet as he claimed.

In contrast, just a few hundred years ago, Mirabai a princess and a devotee of Krishna, was compelled to drink a cup of poison; She remained alive and died in due course, singing and dancing .

The reference in the above post should be read as (Sahih Bukhari 5:59:713)
instead of(K Ch 55: 5777)
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