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Messages of love and joy from my soul and guides to yours!

Hi there! My spiritual journey has had many ups and downs, but lately I've made lots of exciting progress and have even begun to pick up automatic writing and channeling. I need some practice though, and I know my own soul and spirit guides would love to share in a conversation with those who would need or enjoy their company. I know that my soul's name (in human terms anyway) is Dauntless Love and that my primary guide for this life is named Yallsim. I will be attempting to channel them in this thread and just kinda experiment and see where things go. I can attempt some minor channeling or reading of your own energies/guides, but I'd prefer to keep any serious questions or channeling work in private messages. Above all, please remember that I am still very new to this, and this is for practice purposes. Stay true to what feels right for you, above all else. With that we go :)

Dauntless Love: We (Yallsim and I) are happy to be with you in this moment, wherever you are. We have been excited and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to speak through this incarnated soul and share with you certain messages that you may find helpful or uplifting. Please remember that, at least initially, much of this information may be filtered through our charge's mind and thus may not completely represent the whole truth of the message. Nonetheless, we wish to communicate with you feelings and messages of love and hope and joy, and we are excited to hear from you in return!

Yallsim: My children, it is an honor to speak with you and the soul part of you, should any of our messages resonate with you deep down. This is part of the work of our incarnated charge in this life and we look forward to expressing this lesson through these conversations.

DL: My energy is loving and caring in this moment, and I wish to help you feel these things as well. Please take a moment to consider your own soul and spirit guides and sense their love and pride for you as you journey through a sometimes difficult incarnation.

Y: As a guide, it can be difficult to see our charges suffer during physical incarnation. Please know that we send you healing and loving energy at all times and that we are always with you, no matter how it may seem.

Dear ones, if you have any questions of us, or would like us to reach out to some of your own soul family, please let us know and we will do our best within our current means. Please remember that anything of a sensitive or serious nature should be discussed through a private message.

We look forward to speaking with you!
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