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Hello!!! From Heidi--Prayers, Blessings, Mantras, Good Thoughts Needed!

Hello everyone! I can't tell you how relieved I am that SF is back online. We are continually working to make sure we will have everything back to as close as normal as possible.

The latest news is that has told me that the issue that caused SF to crash is now be investigated by a different department. With prayers and hope, we may be able to get a backup from the company ane try to restore SF to what it was on September 18th, and if not then, perhaps some point earlier in the year, but at least it will be from 2010.

I am not certain we will be able to do this, but we can hope. I am so sorry for this devestating blow to our community, but we are a strong bunch, and we can get through this.

Please send your good thoughts, healing energies, and prayers to SF and to!

May Matt help guide us through this rough patch.

I am just so glad to see you all here.........