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Well its been 8 hours since last reply, so i'll have my say, first thing is to find if they're genuine. My suggestion is, go back to basics, raise your energy vibration - obliterate and negative words going through your mind and replace with thoughts of love and light, and other high energy words. Push your vibration higher, meditate to clear the mind, walk in nature for half an hour a day at first, then and hour a week after.

Talk to your support team 'Angels'Guides'Higher Self' - and keep chatting and thinking of them many times during the day, until answers come, be patient, and then see/ask if these names are genuine via your team, and if so that's great, then ask them who's saying the words what they want, and what to do. I'm a big believer in asking for a light shield every 24 hrs if need be from your Angels, ask/think light shield please when voices appear and see if that removes them or not to find out if this is genuine.
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