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Why they make their presence known to you?

These are recent experience's of mine, but I'll try to enunerate them as far as I can remember.

- the other day after meditating using a guided meditation with archangel micheal. When I went outside of my house I saw a spark of intense white light even when it was evening and there wasnt any object that was able to reflect any lighting. And a golden orb that appeared close to my eye. I thought there was something in my eye.

- Back in 2014 while I was working on my computer. The door to my bathroom suddenly opened and I saw a white (not sure what this is) outline of a man. He seemed muscular with a very grounded feeling about him, he seem to have curly hair. And kind of tall maybe around 5'6 - 5'7. Couldnt see the face. Just the white outline. He stood there for a few moments but enough to make out what he was.

- In the last few years I have been hearing names related to angels and deity's like Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Lilith, and Erishkigal. I remember the dream where I heard michael and raphael's name. The messenger said that two were trying their best. And I had a feeling that they were doing their best in the battle field which was closer to earth but not in the same place. Lilith gave me a dream story and introduced herself to me. Erishgikal just flat out said her name inside my head. And a voice calling out jophiel's name. Whew!

I'm not frightened but why do they do this?
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