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Originally Posted by metal68
I knew youd swoop in to offer hope, I totally get you WG but I also think of all the billions who have already gone and yet none have returned to offer real concrete evidence. Surely there should be something more tangible?

Hey friend...

What in your mind do you feel would meet your standard of proof or criteria for establishing this assertion?

Other questions I would offer are valuable to extensively ponder and ruminate on would be the mind-numbing question of why does anything that you observe with your physical senses exist at all? Where did it come from and where does it go when it ceases to be present/detectable to your physical senses? To my knowledge no scientists have devised a way to violate the Law of Conversation of Energy. If we perceive that a form of energy exists within living things/beings - where does it go when the physical form perishes? It can't cease to exist and deteriorate into nothingness - can it? While we may not have any concrete answers to these questions - I think you can sensibly arrive at the awareness/perception that everything you observe in this physical Universe must have come from somewhere - it must have originated from some source or let's say unfolded from some higher level of reality (existence) that is not detectable from the vantage point of our physical senses. If something exists, can we say that there must be some purpose for its existence? It didn't come from nothing, for no reason/purpose, and then turn back into nothing - right? I think when you marvel at the profoundness of these implications it is not so unbelievable or unfathomable to consider that these physical forms you observe with your physical senses were not the starting point of your existence (as you know it) nor will theese physical forms be the ending point of that exists...

Back to your original question - perhaps the energy that you know as the consciousness (or soul/spirit) of those living 'beings' that have physically perished is currently existing in a form that makes it extremely difficult to appear or make its presence known to those who are still experiencing this state of physical embodiment... To take it a step further - perhaps there is a higher purpose being served by your very experience within this physical dimension and that more tangible proof/evidence that you wish for would somehow hinder or interfere with that plan. If we had access to all of the answers from this position or vantage point - that might defeat the very purpose of why our reality is structured/arranged/organized the way it is.
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