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Cool What is your Generation?

Mostly I constitute reincarnation to the rebirth of animals and reborn as for humans. Just so if I mention it much. I found out last year that everyone on earth has been reborn 1000's of times. Whether you remember your past life through visions/whatever. Its your business. My question is do you know your generation? I've read people think they are god, or think they are just so powerful, thing is though. The way it works in christian theology is you live your life how ever you want. But depending on your afterlife is how your own life is depicted.
Alot of my homies in real life are very powerful 3rd generation of goodness. There is generations of light and of darkness, and Just cause someone is of darkness doesn't make them evil. The more people of light are around that person of darkness it makes them a better person. I have talked to good people who thought they were bad, and bad people who thought they were good. It's not about what other people tell you. Its about how you feel, how you are, what you want in life. etc. I have the highest generation and am alone in it, as far as I know. I mean I have only spoke to like 110,000 people of light though. I am 7th gen of goodness, and in my 8th current good life. I am not full of myself. in fact I'm poor as hell, and just live my life the best I can. (hopefully people know their generations) There is no line between good and evil, Peace and Respect.

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