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I have been diagnosed schizophrenic ~ I am normal I just have some psychic and paranormal stuff going on

If you hear voices ~ Psychics call it clairaudience
doctors call it schizophrenia

I'm fine and normal ~ I just don't like being around evil people who mess with me ~ other than that I'm good

so ~ I'm normal ~ if they want to call me names and give me a paycheck for it ~ then I'm okay with that ~ it just makes my life easier

so ~ if they call me that I don't look down on myself ~ there is nothing wrong with me ~ I don't take offense to their name calling ~ I just take my paycheck

I really don't know anything at all about bipolar
I don't think my condition is caused by demons ~ I think I am blessed with some fun abilities
t feels like demonic oppression when evil people are spiritually ~ psychically ~ physically ~ or any other way attacking me ~ because thats what it is
their attacks can have a seriously bad affect on you ~ but thats something else ~ not schizophrenia ~ it's satanic ritual abuse
and if you choose the dark side ~ then your schizophrenia would probably be a dark demonic thing
I hear things and see things ~ but so do psychics and mediums ~ it's not so out of the ordinary on some forums
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