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Is Humanity the Son/Daughter of Yahveh?

I think the genius of Christ is that He named Himself as the SON of God. Not God Himself but the SON.

That gives us a clue as to the workings of God. Why was He not Yahveh Himself? Well ask yourself, is that possible? The question is how can a manifestation or expression of God be the whole being? That logical answer is that it cannot. Christ claimed He was the Word. Christ is a Word of God - meaning that He is something tangible and manifested. He is perceivable.

Since we are perceivable and manifest as well then is it not logical to assume that we are The Word too....although as yet in a minor form. Is it not logical to assume that we are Christ or The Offspring of God too.

If God is Absolute then perhaps any expression or manifestation of God is the Offspring of the whole. It is perhaps a more fitting declaration to say I AM the Son/Daughter of God rather than claim to be the whole.

I sincerely do not believe it is possible for anyone to be EVERYTHING. Because EVERYTHING is just too darn BIG. In other words there will always be otherness and duality. The trick is to learn to live with it.

The Humility, the Pride and the Shame.
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