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i am going to go an see a hypnotist, next year for a past life regression, but i am a little bit skeptical, as i battle with visulisation, and to make matters worse, i am also anaylitical, eg:
Hypnotist: Think of a beautiful comfortable chair, surround by white satin cushions
Me: (i would think about what chair i would find more comfortable, go through thousand of chairs i have seen recently, and then try and pick one, then i would think to myself, but i dont like satin)
so so it goes on....HAHAHAHA

is there any hope for me, will this work?

Also i know imagination play a big part in all of this, but at the end of the day, one wants truth, not something they will keep thinking was it really true....or maybe i made it up?????????

But i suppose only time will tell!
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