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IN 1989 hypnotist, Bernard Powers was putting on a show in Spain. A group of 10 people were selected from the audience. He asked me if I wanted to join them as he knew I had doubts about his ability to hypnotise me.
The first part was where we had to close our eyes and imagine ourselves on a hot beach eating oranges…. Some oranges were brought round… we didn’t know until afterwards that they were in fact lemons!! I always find lemons to be too sharp so this part worked for me.
Then Bernard asked each of us to perform something different… He told me that I would forget the number 4… He asked me to count into the microphone up to number 5… I thought this would be easy so I started counting… “1, 2, 3,…… when it came to 4 I just couldn’t say it, my mouth was working but nothing came out!! So for that brief moment he had erased the number 4 from me!!
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