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Originally Posted by Challenger007
I believe that any evil committed during life will return very soon. You can call it karma, fate, divine providence. It's a pity for the swans, you just have to be a finished creature to kill a harmless harmless bird.

To the story of a broken heart. 4 years ago my wife and I bought a chinchilla, after 1.5 years we realized that our boyfriend needed a company. Found an ad and took another chinchilla boy, who is a year older than ours. The owners gave him away, because his chinchilla-girl died and he was very sad. Having found a brother, he came to his senses a little, but still his tragedy was great, after 1.5 years he died. On the day of his death, we took a new chinchilla so that our animal, which we acquired the very first, would not get bored. Fluffy guys sit together all the time, huddled together, they are like brothers. This is how even small animals become attached to each other.
Lovely story .....
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