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Originally Posted by BigJohn
It is not a plexiglas material.... it is an epoxy.

Crystals, for the most part, are rarely found being 'free' in nature. Generally they are 'hidden'.

Do Crystals like being inside Orgonite? Check the energy coming off the Orgonite especially where the Crystal is..... it generally is huge.

Thanks BigJohn. I take your answer as a yes, the crystal don't mind being inside an epoxy. Definitely they're not like human, because we would feel very claustrophobic being inside an epoxy thing Can't breathe inside this stuff !

And do you know are there some point to check if you want to buy a good orgonite. Does it has to be somehow expensive ? There are a lot of inexpensive (under 20 or even 10 euro) pyramid orgonite on amazon, aliexpress. Can these be of good quality ?
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