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Originally Posted by BigJohn
As for Moldavite: some people refuse to touch it and then there are others that can 'enjoy' life being around Moldavite.

I love this stone the very moment I touched her, I remember as I was start working more intense with crystals I seeked a powerful crystal don't know why but I felt an urge to do and I know there is a powerful crystal somewhere,

then I remember the store owner say about that stone and how powerful it is then I tell him show me, It was on a section far from sight, I touched the stone and I felt such an intense energy electric was start running in my hand then flow to the other hand then to all body,

then heat from everywhere at the body, and a pleasant feeling,that was the moment I know that this stone is mine!, and I will work with it constantly forever! as I work with crystals as well but that the stone I am most connected to,
there is nowhere I go without moldavite, even when I sleep the moldavite near my pillow,
I was 13 years old when I first started work with my moldavite, now I am 30 :).
all lives are sacred and holy and must be preserved,
for those who preserve life, their own life will be preserved as well, and no life is better than the other all life is equally important, and all lives are one, entwined and connected we all are, by the power of love.
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