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wow, thank you so much big john this enlightened moment! literally, like everything falls to place, being sensitive to the energy I didn't understand why working with a ruby weaken me so much,

it is a breaker stone it takes energy and destroys it, the ruby symbolizes fire and fire burn it's given in return for lifeforce but at the cost of subtle energy, it also makes me slightly more aggressive. And I felt it without even know, or when I was at my worst time taken black tourmaline it's a balancer stone!,

or after a while, I was attracted to moldavite it's I think energizer type stone, because at witchcraft they speak about recharging with that stone, that recharges the energy but also have other effects, everything now fall in place, why I was felt so unbalanced by others energy because of that sensitivity but if I take with me transformer stone, reflector and energizing stone and a balancer stone I create a self sustain energy to protect me and also reenergize myself, it's just amazing how those things happen intuitively without any knowledge but now knowing I have organized it far better, Its seems like destiny lead me to that post So I may learn.
all lives are sacred and holy and must be preserved,
for those who preserve life, their own life will be preserved as well, and no life is better than the other all life is equally important, and all lives are one, entwined and connected we all are, by the power of love.
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