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Well, I did it. I ended up with 11 total. Kinda funny as 11 has been a focal point with my numbers. I went in with a list and as it happens I didn't have time to use it. The store was closing soon. I looked around and used the wise advise of all of you. Seems like most of what I was drawn to were root chakra and 3rd eye. I've been meditating with my clear quartz (holding it in the palm of my hand without my fingers wrapped around it). It's kinda cool the crystal just warms up and makes my fingers tingle like they fell asleep.

One other odd thing happened as I was headed to the crystal shop. I stopped for gas.. then went in for water as I was coming out a car almost hit me. Would have gotten smacked around her front headlight.. but I pulled a matrix move and spun out of the way. I spun just enough that her side mirror just brushed my chest. I guess my crystals really wanted me to buy them.
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