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I had yet another dream about this, how can this even happen, so many dreams with this main theme, the school.

This time I was in a bad school, it was more like a school-prison with very harsh rules and very serious teachers. These teachers were having many roles. In this school there were all the people I met in my life.

I saw two teachers, the woman was kept in my memory. She was very serious and nasty, that's what I felt about her. I was already planning my way out from there because I did not like the place, it was cold, dark and lonely, though there were so many people there.

I found myself outside with this woman, we were in an old shop, there was me, this woman and some other people. She looked at me and said something like this to me:

You should stop telling people about the I AM. People may be asleep but once they hear a few of your words, they wake up and become aware of how powerful they really are.

Then I was shown how the people that are asleep are seen as animals, monkeys. I was given the impression that those who rule us don't like what I am doing.

The thing is that I started telling everybody about this.
The truth.
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