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Originally Posted by CosmicWonder
You’re not blind, you’re just looking in the wrong way.

You’re quite a defensive person.

Under the heart.

It's all within, there are all the answers and solutions.

Try read this being aware of what I say:

When you set aside everything that makes you to be you, that which remains is that which is always there, the "background" from which your own self is born. This "place" is the source of who you are, the core of your being, it's not who you are in your day to day life, this is the mental self, it is who you really are, beyond thoughts. Just quiet your mind, this will do it, no more thoughts, no more distractions, if something comes up, let it be and let it fade away on its own, witness everything, see that there's a "space" that you have never thought it could ever be, but this "space" is not the you from your day to day life, see how this space is primordial to your mental self, see how everything that you thought it is you, it is no more and it is not you but a projection from within, something born from within.

This will help you move further, I talk from direct experience.
The truth.
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