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I used to ask them to show me a sign that they are there.

And they did.

If you want to ask them, decide first that it is possible that they are around you.

Then say something like this:
"Please angels, show me a sign that you are around me, one sign that i will recognize as such."

(you can ask it loud or mentally, it really does not matter. but your intention to ask it does matter, a lot)
(p.s you can say Angels, or Guardian Angels, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Higher Self or whoever your belief allows you to ask)

Then, during the day, watch. Do not concentrate, be relaxed.

The signs can be:either a coin, or a bird feather, or doves in an unexpected place, a stranger saying hello to you, a sign on a paper or you may increasingly notice numbers like 111,222 555 or even 666

Anyway, if it appears then say something like "thank you", "or i have noticed it" and try to feel happiness.

Just do not overdo it. Do not repeat it twice or more in a day. This may teach you disbelief and impatience.
Patience is the key. Patience and the absence of the self-talk may allow you to notice the signs better.

What is the difference between angels and guides? I kind of always thought they are or could be or maybe just some are, both???

I would say that Angels are always nonphysical, while guides can be angels or physical, living beings, who are currently in the out of the body state.
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