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Years ago.. at school sports day, I got talking to another mum who had booked a session to stop smoking. I told her "" ooohhh that sounds interesting""".... As I myself thought I should really stop smoking . At this she showed interest and said "" well I've booked... But if I bring a second person we both get it a lot cheaper""" before I knew it, I had agreed to go with her...... We went..... And all the time, I'm thinking ""well I can still hear everything , the birds outside the window , the guys voice" ... Etc .... I didn't think it was working. When he told us to open our eyes , it did feel like my eyes were heavy ......but it hadnt worked for either of us.... The first thing she did when we got outside was light a cig, and she never stopped !!!! In the other hand, I DID stop... Why??.... Because after paying the sum of 80 .... I could not afford to carry on smoking... Went through hell and cold turkey to stop on my own, having to ring a helpline every two days in order to stay off them..... I stopped for 2 years but then started again when I was going through a divorce...
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