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Originally Posted by BlakeGood88
My life is getting worse and worse! No, I would never attempt suicide, that would only send me to Hell. No one gives me respect and they spit in my face and don't believe what I say and use it to my disadvantage. It really sickens me. How could people be so cold hearted like that? I'm at a point in my life where I really don't care if I die! The only thing keeping me from wanting to die is my desire to work on an animated TV show for Disney and Marvel. If I can't have that accomplished, then I really don't even care about living, anymore.

If I actually died of natural causes, I could finally start over again and do it right! You've heard me talk about my non-existent "twin sister". Well, I would come back as her, while my other self (current incarnation) still exists. I mean its not possible for a soul to possess two vessels at once in a single timeline, but they still can share two bodies (even of opposite gender) in an alternate timeline, as long as it isn't the same one.

Sorry for you feeling so down. You should make an effort to get out of it, and believe you can do it. Firstly try to cool down, to make a step back and look at your situation in a more detached way. Adopt the position of the ignorant pupil. So far the way you thought brought you here. You need to change the way you think.

You are here, now, to learn to master your emotions, and create your reality as you'd like it to be. Your negative emotions create your negative reality.

Good luck!

PS: It may sound stupid, but try it: force yourself to mimic a smile with your lips, and you'll find out that it will make you smile a little internally too!