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Prescribe it as an illusion, and it will be an illusion.

If you want to progress in the obe, then use everything as a positive confirmation.

You got out of the body, you looked at the body and got back in. - Remember it.

Remember this as well: When you get out of the body, you do not move by feet. You move by thought.

You may have a feeling of your feet moving, but in the obe you move by thought. (There is a habit of the mind, to move your legs when moving ... )

A thought of body may mean to your spiritual self that you want to return to or into the body. And you will be back in, by the speed of that thought.

It really does not matter if it was an hallucination.
What matters is your desire.

If you prescribe the experience as an hallucination, what does that mean to your desire ?

It means that you do not want to experience the obe's.

I'm telling you this because such errors are very common.
People ask about the experiences, not minding that the mind is there, always listening, always waiting.

I can only tell you that questions in a form of doubt can be a desire killer. Yes, the troubles lies in the communication with other people.
Even when you interact with others, your mind is listening, waiting for orders.
While others awaits an explanation of what is happening, the mind is taking the commands as they come out.
At the end either doubts or reasons prevail, depending on how much energy was put in.
(that means either obe's or not ...)


I was interested in paranormal - the third eye and obe's from very early (around age of 10).

Back then i didn't know much about obe's. I had the desire to experience it.

I'm talking now, recalling the experiences, but with greater understanding than i had back then.

So the story is:

I had a desire to experience going into astral (to use the term obe i have learned recently).
The first thing, which i have experienced, is the sleep paralysis.

The sleep paralysis is a consequence of preparation/desire for going out. (read: your spirit (maybe your spirit guides) is preparing you to go out)

I have had many SP's. Usually there is/was a fear following them.
I have learned how to get out of the SP.
The memory is a bit hazy here, but i have learned that i can move my eyes or control the breathing.
By moving the eyes fast, or changing the rate of breathing, you can get out of the SP fast.
As well, i have learned that there is nothing to fear. It is like april fools: Look there is this and that, fears arises, and as soon as you get out of the state, there is nothing !

But by doing that (getting out of the sp), i did a counterproductive thing. I didn't liked the inability to move, and i didn't knew what is happening,
so the only thing left to do was to try to awaken.
Usually the fear was gone as soon as i did. (while, back then, i hadn't had a conscious obe, at least i learned these lessons.)

Soon, the desire was gone, somehow and the SP's stopped.

Therefore, i would suggest that you want to experience the SP, because the next step may lead to obe's.

I haven't experienced the obe's through SP, but i have experienced obe's and "false awakenings" a few times.

Thanks for reading.

edit: the explanation got derailed a bit, and if it was not clear then here is the last message:

"Try to write in positive terms about your experiences. In positive and expectational way. It does not matter if it was an hallucination, but the constant practice does."
God is Love, and therefore so am I. What is not of God, has no power to do anything. - ACIM Sparkly Edition.
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