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Originally Posted by BigJohn
Don't frit!!! I was only thinking that about Rose and Lemon grass.
You can still come.........

Maybe I should devote more time to Patchouli.

As for Peppermint, I really love her smell.

I also love Eucalyptus oil and I also love Camphor oil. I got to see what the smell would be like combining the latter two.
What do you think?
Hi... Worth a try mixing the latter two, although I've not worked with Camphor oil myself, should work well with Eucalyptus... Anything like that excellent for aiding congestion..sinuses .... Reminds me of olbas oil we use on pillow to ease a bad cold. Or the Vicks chest rub etc... Love the smell of those!!... In fact I could eat Vicks straight from the tub LOL...( Don't worry , I won't!)....
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