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Originally Posted by True Angel
Hi, One-Light!
There have been times when I would hear a song play in my mind. Throughout the day, the same stanza of that song will play a few times, go away then be back again. This can go on for days!

I like the way you write True Angel - speaking it as it is, or as we know it... as we play the game of life work the puzzles out... Work that one out Earthling comes to mind sometimes lol - when I was getting too many songs I'd put this on 'in my mind' - it reminds me how many decision makers - 'and especially so called specialist advisors' who got us through this pandemic so smoothly - here they all are in action... Right Said Fred, get that piano moved.

My quote... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey to pick you up if you fall - but I will shine a light and show people many times - you can, or should go this way...
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