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Smelling the roses

Alone we pause
the cause
of movement, whose origin
lies in sensory duality external
Our attention pause, delusion ceasing
allowing divine centred feeling
to be cognised in stillness
By our consciousness in aloneness
Wherein, we observe as a sign
All nodes with as they align
in an involuntary dance of beauteous synchronicity
In resonance with the enchanting pulsations of divinity
That abounds
In totality
The rhythmic dance in slow motion, very slow
Allows us to cognise the divine flow
The slow divine love impulse doses
Giving us time to smell the roses
Our non-self presence
Imbibing the life elixir essence
As we desirelessly ascend vibrationally
Unhurriedly, gradually
Waking the path of be-ness
In meditational aloneness

With divine assistance


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