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I switched to vegetarian for health reasons. My digestion improved, but I could not lose weight.
Once I dumped cheese from my diet losing weight started with no further effort at all. It was like magic.

I am so glad I switched to vegan.

The only thing to take care of is B12. Jack Norris recommends 2 1000 mcg tablets a week, if I am correct.
I mix 1 tablet through my bread dough. I do 5 days with one bread so on average I take 200 mcg of B12 a day.
Before that I also put it in the cake batter for cakes. But with a blood test my B12 level turned out to be too high from that. So now I only put it in my bread dough.

Vegans need more proteins then omnivores. About 15 % more.
I had some difficulties in finding the right food with enough plant based proteins.
Nowadays I make bean burgers, seitan, hummus and cakes. I make it all myself because it just taste better. My taste has changed overtime. Plus you have complete control over what goes in to it.
In the beginning I used vegan burgers and so from the supermarket.
I took me a few years to find my way.

Here is a thread with vegan recipes:
Vegan Recipes

I feel so much better on this diet. Hope you will too.
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