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Originally Posted by Lynn
The effects of eating meat on human chakra.Can someone help me identify any adverse effects if any at all from eating meat on meditation and the human chakra?
Meat ussually grounds you, it kind of "despiritualise" you. Its good and bad. Its bad when you want to meditate, when you want to astral project, communicate with higher beings etc. But its good when you need grounding, when you do too much meditation and astral projecting, your soul is leaving your body and well you can outtune yourself, you can outtune yourself too much and that can be very dangerous. Grounding yourself into your body is important, but too much grounding can hinder your spiritual growth. You need both worlds, physical and spiritual, you need to balance it. Thats why our ancestors, eated meat, but not in such quantity as now, now we eat too much meat. We need meat, but too much is too much, people are addicted to meat....literally.
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