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Don't know if this will be useful to anyone but me, but thought I'd put it out there just in case.

The pool of purple energy that you saw and drew in my energetic reading/portrait --and that Saggi (Jo) had noted in an earlier auric reading as a blue "pool" of some kind at my feet--I think I now understand.

A while back I began doing what I considered sort of an extension of the grounding technique where you visualize energetic "roots" of a tree going down.

After a while, I began to see a kind of shortcut to the tree roots in that I would see an energetic grid starting at my own special place and extending out very quickly to all the surrounding land, sea, across the oceans, across all the land masses.

Then after a while I began to expand this sort of grounding to the earth to extend from a visualized orb of me to those electrical grids--as they extended out from the edge of the ionosphere to our solar system (around all the planets), then to our galaxy, then to all the other galaxies, all the other dimensions unseen to a sort of ultimate gathering place (which I can only see the entry to).

So, anyway, I began to do this grounding each time I did my walk.

I did wonder why I was experiencing more of the "shorting out" type of energy when I got home.

Around this time I wrote a whole thread on SF when my remotes kept burning out. I could put new batteries, replace the remotes and if I held it on my chest for 10-15 minutes after my walk, it would stop responding. If I set it away from my body for 10-15 minutes, it would work again. That tendency stopped several hours later in the afternoon. I would have thought I would have been more "grounded" afterward than less.

When you mentioned this energy at my feet I could remember the feeling of that energy. But I didn't think that could be the cause of all the energy crud that was going on.

It wasn't--just this particular piece of it--the pooling of the energy at the feet. Apparently, this kind of energy did not "match" my own energy well enough to be used or expelled out the feet. [Not sure I totally understand that.] But since I stopped doing that "grounding to the Multiverse" thing--that feeling has stopped.

There is another thing that has to do with too much or unfiltered energy getting into the head area, and I don't think it is just through the third eye or crown (although I think it may be in conjunction with them, like some physical apparatus gets the signals crossed and stays open when spiritual "signal" is received). I still don't know what this is --but at least part of it I understand now.

So thanks for the insights. It's like putting together a puzzle without being able to see the pieces--but eventually I get a piece or two.

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