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Ok. Thanks for the explanation. Only thing you didn't explain is, what's unlikeable about Source energy? What is the distinction you experience/perceive between them?

Well, depending on which Source is involved it can be likable or unlikable. Some sources are naturally conflicting while others work well together.

By the distinction I perceive between 'them,' are you referring to different source energies or something else?

Also, about the white particles, you said "new interaction" I was having. Why would you think it was a new interaction? Often your readings seem to be a snapshot in time, having little connection to past history of changes. It seems that sometimes you do other investigation to find out more. Just curious what it was that made you think it was a new interaction. You sometimes indicate that people seem to have growth that appears to be "new". What makes you say this?

Generally white energy signifies rapid growth (which tends not to last for extended amounts of time) and if something hasn't been seen or noticed before a certain point its usually new.

Personally for me, when I see growth I can usually tell how fast it is occurring and how far it might potentially extend even at a glance. It's a bit like looking at a young sapling and seeing how far from adulthood it is.

So really its just an educated guess coupled with what I can 'see' or sense.
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