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You can try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or some kind of hypnosis or various techniques such as that. there are certain herbs that are said to help with quitting addictions, or help you relax and calmly focus better. when I quit about 10 years ago I used a homeopathic remedy that was a spray called Smoke Control by king bio. I started taking that while smoking and decided my reasons for wanting to quit, one day wrote a poem in my myspace blog about how I was smoking my last cigarette lol and then never smoked another one since. well until like March or so of this year ooops I started smoking again. I am gonna quit annny day now though..

I didn't really try EFT for quitting smoking now but I use it for other things and it will help you if you try it. Research proven (google and youtube for videos to check out)

it's also good to eat more raw fresh organic foods and support your body and self with natural products and such. and physical activity that you enjoy, especially outside. other hobbies, creating and doing artistic crafts can be really helpful
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