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Originally Posted by Honza
Is death the reason for our present situation? If there was no death then would we be existing in heaven or perfection?

I understand that death is part and parcel of the whole deal. Any perfection contains death as part of itself.

However what actually IS death? Why is death so pervasive to our condition at the moment. Has something disturbed the natural harmony and made death much more apparent?

Is death the primary obstacle to our happiness?

To me death is as natural and beautiful as life. Where we can't have one without the other. So as Heaven and Hell is nothing more than what we make of our time as incarnated beings, death is simply our transition back to Universal Consciousness from where we came

I am not an individual having a universal experience, but the universe having an individual experience. Where consciousness is the universe experiencing itself through each of us.

Destiny is not the path given to us - but the path we choose for ourselves.

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