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Originally Posted by Honza
Hinduism has taught me the importance of self respect, the truth of the Universal "I", and that I Am God.

However where it worries me is that in Hinduism there is no "you". There are no others. Everything is my own self. That worries me because I am so used to treating everyone else as their own self and as real people in their own right.

Hinduism also has no real "we are", since you are not real then "we are" cannot be either.

Finally Hinduism has no objective God who has the last say on any matter. Everything is ones OWN self in Hinduism and not an objective reality in its own right.

So I have learned that I AM. But I cling onto my Western understanding of others and a separate and objective God.

For a few years now, ever since you have been here; ever since I have been here; you have had problems reconciling "God" with "Self" and "Self" with "Other".

The first thing you need to realise, is that this is not a "Hindu thing" (the Divine is both transcendent AND immanent simultaneously), it is an "existential thing" and the second thing you need to realise, is that when it comes to "God", "Self" and "Other", existential angst cannot be reconciled through the cognitive process, with all of its inherent dissonance and bias.

People may say "I AM" and "You ARE", so from the position of resting in the conscious awareness of Being ("AM-ness" and "Are-ness") there is no "I" and no "you" and this is what the Buddhists mean by the term "Anatta" or no-self.

Self only exists from a point of reference in relation to "other" that a person, an object and/or God. When that reference is dissolved, there is nothing more than complete immersion into the experience OF Being without any thought or experience of "I AM" or "you ARE" or "that IS" or even "everything IS" because there is no "everything" and neither is there "nothing" or even "something"...Śūnyatā...Dharmakāya.

These are Tantric Buddhist principles, but they can just as easily be applied to Hinduism...there are many points at which the lines between the two become blurred... especially in Tibet.. especially when comparing Vajrayana Tantra with Kashmir Shaivism...and watching the Tibetan dance of The Dharmapalas (which puts me into a heavy trance by the way).

The only way you are going to overcome this, is to start practicing meditation if you do not already and if you do, to mediate MORE.

Rid yourself of all these mental constraints and constructs which leave your mind going around in never ending circles like a dog which chases its tail....forget all of that..Just sit quietly and focus on your breath as it goes in and out...focus on "Om" or "peace" or anything significant for you.

This is the only way your questions are going to be answered.
This is the only way you are going to find inner peace and contentment.

Aum Namah Shivaya.
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