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Originally Posted by Arcturus
Can he invoke guides or helpers in the spirit realm? Iassume everyone has them. I'd guess it'll be taken care of somehow as they'll know where he is better than him. The act of suicide could be said to be one of withdrawal from others and I wonder if in death that continues for a period at least? But then he's communicating with you. I hope you can help him too, atb

From what i understand, for him and those like him, they have to move past the feelings of guilt, shame and anger in order for their soul to advance. They have to accept responsibility, and askills for and accept forgiveness. He couldn't forgive himself. Scared to face his family. My vibrations are a little too high for him to get through to me easily. He doesn't know how. I can see him enough to know he is there. I can feel his touch and know it's him. But when he tries to get something through its blocked. He is very frustrated but now that he sees I'm looking into this he seems to have calmed down alot and was able to hear him for a few seconds but he was in a rush and so it all got jumbled.
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