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I find Buddhism way to intellectual as well, my mind turns off whenever I start to read what I should do. I don’t agree with the Buddha’s concept anyway, I don’t agree that emotions are illusory, and that the solution to emotional pain is to distance oneself from it. I accidentally came across the fire sermon the other day, where the Buddha preaches about achieving liberation from suffering through detachment from the five senses and mind. Way too much detachment for my liking in Buddhism, for me I am my mind, and my emotions, and my higher self, I’m all of it, and don’t have to detach from any of myself.

Taoism seems to like detachment as well, “sit and forget”, don’t get emotional about anything, emotions are poison, calm them and calm the mind, it’s all so restrictive.

Sometimes I think imagine teaching these methods to kids, tell them their joy is a poison, and to calm down, it’s so obviously wrong, yet as an adult we’re meant to do this.

They’re both approaches that can’t entertain the reality of emotions, that devalue them, and seek to detach from them, as well as the mental. Bonkers :)
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