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Originally Posted by catsquotl

As a TCM-Shiatsu student I am interested in experiences with shiatsu.
There a a few flavours of shiatsu out there. What i'd like to know if you are willing to share what you liked or disliked. the massage itself, the explenation you got about your energy system etc..

with Love,

Hi Eelco,

I don't know what "TCM" is but I have experienced classical Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu. I loved the Zen Shiatsu because it was done by a man who was very intuitive and knew exactly where I needed treatment. I need maximum pressure and holding for a long time to release pain at trigger points. It always brings relief.

When I was pregnant, another fellow did shiatsu on me for morning sickness but I was really disappointed with it. He was very nervous about treating me (perhaps because I was pregnant) and his negative energy made me feel very apprehensive and uncomfortable so I didn't like his touch at all (yucky) and the treatment was ineffective. So I would say it's very important to get into a positive space mentally before you begin treatment because you are creating an intimate connection energetically between you and your client and they will absorb whatever you are giving out. (Of course I am ultra sensitive to people's energy but I think anybody would feel it one way or another.)

Good luck with it

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