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Originally Posted by AlignedWithTheHeart
In a shamanic plant medicine ceremony last night I asked the plant spirits and God to help me release or overcome fears and traumas and all this. I dont know what happened but at one point this intense vibrations and pressure flowed into my hands. It felt good, like something was coming out of me. Its a bit scary though because the hands start to cramp up. This same thing happens me when i do breathwork. In shamanic plant ceremonies though, it happens all by itself and builds up fast.
Intense vibrations associated with energy means that the energy channel (arm/hand in this case) is reaching its carrying capacity. The internal (body) energy channels (AKA meridians) are only so big and can only carry so much energy flow. For most people this theoretical limit is not reachable as their energy channels have blockages (As is clearly the case here). As with any channel, one way to clear it out (of blockages) is to pump a high flow through it. Sounds to me that is what the plant spirits did.

Note of caution, pumping too much energy through a channel will just blow it out.
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