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Real or not it has changed the World we now live in. What we have to remember is that there will always be some that believe in something and some that do not. No matter what it is there will always be something out there we might not all agree on.

What I do know is that it was here before Canada where I live declared it. I had it last October, Heart in November and my daughter in December. We all have "lasting" effects from it and are waiting for the anti body testing to open. We will be a part of that study group.

The effects of this "flu" are longer lasting life lasting it seems in some cases maybe so its a bit worse than the normal one's that hit hard. Real or not worth the panic modes or not better safe than sorry at times.

I wonder if maybe the World needed to slow down a little bit that we needed to learn what we have at home matters and has a value to us. That our group of friends and family can be closer to home and deeper in meaning.

I work in retail and every day I worry going to work, as we hire more and more new staff for the holidays we have lost that group we work with and trust keeping us safe. This too is a test in the human condition on trusting others.

I do not feel its Political in nature I do feel its a lesson given out by a much higher power than mankind.

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