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Originally Posted by Altair
And one spoon of fish oil contains more vit D than a supplement, plus it's a direct source.
It does taste foul though, like you're licking the skin of a slippery, salty octopus.. or something like that.

I've taken vitamin D for years. Have been tested for vit d deficiency and the test came back negative, as in my vit d was fine. I take Rx Vitamins Liqui-d3 2000 Iu. One drop a day gives me all the vitamin d I need.

Vitamin d3 is what we take in supplements. When we go out in the sun the sun gives us vitamin d4 which activates the d3 we just ingested. So taking vit d3 can't be done alone. We need both d3 and d4 to protect our cells from viruses.