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I rehab wild Birds mostly Corvids for vets in my area, and some are Non releasable as deemed by the Vet's. So they remain here with me as permanent resident's and I have the relevant licenses for them. Though they come inside at night they have large aviary's that they go out int and can fly around and do what they wish safely.

If you want contact with birds, why not contact a local rehabber or rescue / sanctuary and go and volunteer some of your free time. This way you can help out and also learn about these birds and other wildlife.

If your cat's are outdoor roaming cats feeding wild birds on your property may not be such a great idea because of the cat's. If they are indoor cats then its not so bad. If you do feed them please don't feed any bread as this causes all birds a lot of issues and can kill them. But bird seed / grain and soaked cat or dog kibble, grapes, hard boiled eggs shell on and nuts. also just remember if you start feeding them regularly you will need to continue to do so.

( Don't feed Brazil and Macadamia nuts,bread, Avocado, chocolate, processed meats or foods, or any onions / alum family of plants, as these are poisonous to Bird's.)
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