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Originally Posted by SpiritualFreedom
I have a gift for you, this is a free library to read books!

You can convert them to PDF and there you go!

I have a signed an account on this page, and they don't email promote you at all.

It's all free, but you're welcome to donate if you wish to.

I use this website a lot, and is very useful.


Instead of watching TV or Social Media...

I just prefer to put some upbeat music playlist on youtube with the headphones in order to be relaxed,

to enjoy reading books on my own while learning new interesting things.

TV and Social media are just NOISE!

They bombard you all the time by pushing their own agendas, leaving your own mind DRAINED like a zombie!

Why is it that when you spend hours watching TV or Social Media, your mind is just negative and to the ground? Feeling drained and lazy?

Well because it's not healthy for your mind.

It's all endless drama, conflict and triviliaties repeatable pattern while not learning anything new. It truly makes your mind worst.

Or they will just push try to push you insecurities, fears, anger and envy emotions all the time non-stop.


In the other hand when you read books, for hours, with excellent instrumental music.

You feel so good, confident, growing, active, smarter and brighter!

You also can start to learn ANY topic you want, there is always books to learn about it

It's relaxing and you will have a good time, after making the daily habit.

The moment you make the daily habit of reading books instead of openning the TV/Social media, you won't go back

I love love love telly and Netflix. I also love love reading. You can do both. I don't have social media though because it wasn't healthy for me. That does not mean others should quit social media, or quit watching telly because someone thinks it is noise. Do what feels good for you and binging Netflix is good for me.
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