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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi

There is a beauty within Hinduism and a beauty within humanity.

The beauty within humanity is, that the "foolish" do not consider themselves as being "foolish" and they will ALSO be correct.

For you see, each person in this world gets to create their OWN reality (as illusory as it ALL is!)

For example, you just took advice from "Brahmin Priests" after admonishing the caste system in a previous post, didn't you?

Casteism has no basis in the Vedas. This is what I implied. Anyone can study the Vedas and become a brahmin priest. There are many now who are doing this.

Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Anybody could call me "foolish" and/or "ignorant" and I could rightfully say; that is "according to YOU" or "according to YOUR school/sampradaya" which could be totally different from MINE and according to MY "philosophy" or "school of thought", I am NOT foolish/ignorant! ...Ah the many glorious ways that Kali Yuga can be exploited for one's own spiritual ends eh?

This is just the brahmins pov aforementioned, and I only stated it here. I have not pointed fingers at anyone.

The Shivalingam, as per the authority of the Vedas, stands for a cosmic pillar of light.

Anything that goes against the Vedic interpretation is rejected and considered as blasphemy and sinful.

For example, it is stated that nonviolence is the greatest virtue (Ahimsa paramo Dharmah). Now if this is misinterpreted as meaning that violence is the greatest virtue in Hinduism, it would be obviously be blasphemous and sinful.

There are definite rights and wrongs in Hinduism.

Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Yes, I am a Tantrika and just like any "persecuted minority" in human society, we can get to say that the reason why others abuse us and persecute us is due to a combination of fear and a lack of education. Isn't entitlement a grand thing?

Tantra is a legitimate philosophical path in itself, as long as it does not contradict the vedic teachings.

Their philosophy is perfectly ideal for couples. However, there is no need for them to misappropriate the Shivalingam to suit their fancies and imaginary fantasies, as mentioned by Swami Vivekananda himself.

Tantra is one thing, and Shivalingam as a cosmic pillar light, is another. There is no need to mix up the two. Shiva as a self-luminious pillar of light has His own identity. Why do the Tantriks wish to negate that in favour of something else!

Shiva is also known as Bholenath or innocent Lord. Why do the tantriks want to negate an innocent entity of His identity for their own interests!

That would be selfish, cheap and unfair.

So let the Shivalingam be a cosmic pillar of light as per the Vedic teachings, and let tantra be tantra without any misappropriations, and then all is well and good.
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